Friday, July 15, 2011

kanchana(telugu,tamil)movie review

Kanchana is the sequel of Muni movie starring choreographer Ragava Lawrence.

Film: Kanchana
Starring: Raghava Lawrence,Lakshmi      Rai,Sriman,Devan,Manobala,Babu Antony,Kovai Sarala,Devadarshini,Sarath Kumar and others
Director: Lawrence Raghavendra
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
Banner: Sri Sai Ganesh Productions
Music: Thaman

STORY:  Raghava (Lawrence) is a happy guy living with his brother (Sriman), sister-in-law (Mano Bala) and mother (Kovai Sarala). He has the weakness of being scared of darkness, evil stories and ghosts. On the other hand, Raghava’s younger sister-in-law (Lakshmi Rai), a model comes to his home and they fall for each other.One day he plays cricket in a burial ground and that time the stumps which were hit into the ground accidentally hits the dead body that was under the mud. Ragahva unknowingly carries away those stumps which have blood stains on them. With those stains ghosts come into his house and starts doing all scary things. Finally they settle in Raghava's body. From then on he behaves in a peculiar manner and when they comes to know that there are three ghosts in his body. One of it is Kanchana (Sarath Kumar). All of a sudden, Raghava starts behaving like a woman wearing girl accessories and saris. Distressed with his behavior, his mother calls a Muslim peer Sahib in Dargah to see if he is possessed by any evil spirit? What does the man do? How the evil spirits leave Raghava’s body and who is Kanchana forms the rest.

PERFORMANCES:  Lawrence as an actor was not so good even in his previous films and this film is not any different. He does have the acting skiills to perform the role he played in this film and better actor than him can have made the film still interesting. He dance was good was there was no change in his dance moves.Lakshmi Rai was limited to songs and has nothing much for performance. Sarath Kumar gave a powerful performance.  Kovai Sarala is loud and irritating and her role is routine as every time which was distracting.

Kanchana's basic plot is similar to that of Muni. Here the ghost changes from a mass leader to hijra. Lawrence tried to include sentiment into this horror drama through Kanchana's character. However he took too much time in character establishment. The movie is three hour long this irritates and tests the patience of the audience.The film should have been reduced in length.
Thaman sounds below average and we find no song noteworthy to recollect. The background score is loud at times. Cinematography is definitely a plus for the film.Technically Kanchana is a sound film.
Lawrence exhibited his skills as a director in parts. Some shots are really good. He should stop acting to become a good director

Plus Points:

- Cinematography
- Background score
- Sarath Kumar

Minus points:

- Lawrence performance
- Dragging screenplay
- Weak storyline

OVERALL:     It's an average film with some entertainment in parts, it may be appealing to some but not all..


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